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Friday, 9 March 2007

As AIPAC Strolls into Town, Politicos Line Up to Kiss the Pinky Ring

Leave it to a newspaper founded by Baron Black of Crossharbour, aka Conrad Black the neocohn, in its desire to diss Democrats, to demonstrate there is absolutely no difference between Republicans and Democrats.

“The Democratic-controlled Congress is moving to outflank both the Bush administration and the United Nations with the toughest set of sanctions against Iran that have ever been proposed,” reports the New York Sun. Democrats in control of the corporate and “special interest” whorehouse on the Potomac have introduced “legislation to sanction foreign companies that do business with Iran and to re-impose the import restrictions,” just in time for the convergence of AIPAC, the Bwana of “special interests,” that is to say hijacking government policy and siphoning off billions of dollars to the outlaw state of Israel.