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Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Blair government is rife with pedophiles and other sex offenders

British Home Secretary John Reid, a leading neo-con inside the Tony Blair government, is claiming that the failure to enter the arrests abroad of 27,500 Britons in the Police National Computer (PNC) was a serious mistake and he has vowed a review. However, our sources claim the failure to record the arrests of British citizens convicted of serious crimes abroad is more than just an error and a conscious effort by the Blair government to cover-up the activities of British sex offenders, including pedophiles, in places like Southeast Asia, Central America, and Eastern Europe. Some of those convicted have high-level political ties. Reid has claimed that no serious offenders were cleared for sensitive jobs.

A few of the convicted British citizens, who had criminal records abroad for offenses like child rape, were permitted to be cleared for jobs in Britain where they could work with children. Our British sources claim that the Blair government is rife with pedophiles and other sex offenders, mirroring the Republican Party's religious right in the United States.

Britain's "Computergate" -- more cover-ups by the corrupt Blair regime, including Home Minister John Reid (above).

British rock star Gary Glitter, serving a three-year prison sentence in Vietnam for having sex with 10 and 11-year old Vietnamese girls, was also expelled from Cambodia as an undesirable sex offender. Glitter had previously been convicted in Britain on child pornography charges. There are apparently thousands of Gary Glitters who, also convicted of pedophilia abroad, escaped from being entered into the PNC system. The Liberal Democratic Party is at the forefront in demanding an explanation from the Blair government and several Conservatives have also joined in calling for a full investigation.

As expected, the neocon media, notably the Daily Telegraph, has come to the defense of Reid. And as usual, the neocons show no interest in coming to the defense of the minors abroad abused by influential old British perverts in "sex holiday" locations abroad.